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NRS Mental Health 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting - video recordings

Event Date: 02/11/2021 to 02/11/2021 Venue: Online

'Adaption and renewal: Navigating our recovery'

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Video recordings

Session 1: Welcome Address

Professor Andrew Gumley, NRS Mental Health Clinical Lead


Session 2: Opening Address: Priorities for 2022 and beyond

Dr Alastair Cook, Principal Medical Officer for Mental Health


Session 3: Generation Scotland's Response to COVID-19: Understanding the mental health impact

Professor David Porteous and Dr Chloe Fawns-Ritchie


Session 4: Poster Session 1

Multiple speakers


Session 5: The Scottish Mental Health Law Review: Rights and research

Professor Jill Stavert and Professor Colin McKay


Session 6: Understanding the Mental Health Impact of the Pandemic on Clinical Staff: Lessons from a living meta-analysis

Dr Vaughan Bell and Dr Dorothy Wade


Session 7: Poster Session 2

Multiple speakers


Session 8: Neuropsychiatry of COVID-19

Professor Alan Carson


Session 9: When it is Darkest: Understanding suicide risk

Professor Rory O'Connor


Session 10: Poster Prizes and Closing Remarks

Professor Andrew Gumley, NRS Mental Health Clinical Lead

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