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NRS Cardiovascular Research Network offers fresh funding to ‘link staff into international arena’

NRS Cardiovascular Research Network offers fresh funding to ‘link staff into international arena’

6th March 2024

New funding is being made available by the NRS Cardiovascular Research Network, allowing two members of staff to further their professional development by attending this year’s Annual Congress of the Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professionals (ACNAP).

The Network is encouraging Cardiovascular Research nurses, Allied Health Professionals (AHP), or Healthcare Scientists working within the field of cardiovascular research in Scotland, to travel to ACNAP 2024 in Wroclaw, Poland with the aim of ‘linking them into the international arena’ and returning with important learnings.

The congress – taking place on Friday 14 June and Saturday 15 June – brings together staff from across all core specialties within cardiology.

The event theme this year is 'Patient-Centred Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Cardiovascular Care' and it will serve to “highlight the basic principles that underpin our practice, as well as new scientific developments and technologies” across the whole spectrum of cardiovascular care.

Funding through the NRS Cardiovascular Research Network will support event registration, flights, and hotel accommodation up to the value of £1,000 person. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 5 April.

The Network supports the delivery of high-quality clinical research. It helps to manage participant recruitment to time and target, both for studies which are led from Scotland, and studies led from other nations which Scottish sites are participating in. 

Professor Lis Neubeck, Cardiovascular Clinical Network Lead, said: “I believe that research which identifies and heightens access to innovative solutions for the prevention of cardiovascular disease represents one of the key goals for Scottish healthcare.

“Likewise, this funding reflects recognition of cardiovascular disease as a priority area while representing commitment to enhancing our global understanding, deepening education, and developing collaborative links.

“Cardiovascular Research Nurses, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), and Healthcare Scientists who work within clinical research, play a vital role in delivering Cardiovascular clinical trials within NHS Scotland, and we want to support them to learn more about the latest scientific advances at this important international event.

"We are conscious of difficult financial conditions being widely experienced across the sector, but it is important we continue to support, and provide opportunities, to our talented workforce who are committed to driving improvements in healthcare and searching for solutions that can lead to better patient outcomes.

“I would urge them to apply for this opportunity, demonstrating a thirst for knowledge, as well as passion and commitment to cardiovascular research ambitions.”

NRS Cardiovascular Research Champion Support Manager, Mary McAuley said: “We look forward to hearing from interested parties and believe that ACNAP 2024 will be a great event which can help further our understanding of how to deliver the best possible cardiovascular research here in Scotland.

“The criteria for applying is straightforward – all applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are currently professionally working on research projects which are supported by the Chief Scientist Office within National Research Scotland’s Cardiovascular Research Specialty.”

She added: “We welcome diverse applicants, especially from underrepresented groups or those working with underrepresented groups.”

To apply, please complete the application form ACNAP Congress Application and return by email to


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