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Name of organisation Tayside R&D
Population 420,000
R&D Director Professor Russell Petty

Tayside Medical Science Centre
TASC R&D Office, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Residency Block, Level 3
George Pirie Way
Dundee DD1 9SY

Telephone 01382 383 900

The East node includes NHS Tayside, NHS Forth Valley and NHS Fife and is managed from the TASC Office in NHS Tayside. The East node takes the lead on Governance issues.

Tayside Medical Science Centre (TASC) was formally established on 11 January 2010 to combine the research strengths of the University of Dundee with those of NHS Tayside within a single organisational framework. Under the overarching Heads of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding documents, TASC’s remit is the implementation of research governance processes for clinical research projects conducted in Tayside in accordance with the related regulation and legislation.

TASC carries corporate responsibility for the management of Research & Development throughout Tayside and provides an integrated and streamlined service for all clinical staff. Leadership of TASC is provided by the Tayside Research & Development Director, who has operational responsibility and works closely with the Senior Research & Development Manager. The TASC offices are co-located with the East of Scotland Medical Research Ethics Service within Ninewells Hospital.

A key aim of TASC is to provide the infrastructure to facilitate research for all health professionals and to promote a strong culture of research within the NHS. The mission is to ‘facilitate trusted, high quality and innovative clinical research to improve health outcomes for the people of Tayside and beyond'.


Support to researchers and partners is provided in every activity during the lifetime of a clinical research project.


  • Regulatory submission – REC; MHRA; ARSAC
  • Infrastructure support – CRF, Imaging, Safe Haven, Biorepository, CRF/Ecrf Design
  • IMP
  • Trial master file set up
  • DSMC.

Data Management

  • Recruitment reporting
  • Data entry
  • Data queries
  • SAE resolution
  • Database lock
  • Statistical analyses.


  • Risk assessment
  • Sponsorship
  • Feasibility
  • Costing
  • Protocol development
  • Analytical plan.

Study Conduct

  • Screening
  • Recruitment tracking
  • Randomisation
  • Data collection
  • Protocol amendment
  • Trial monitoring
  • IMP accountability
  • Pharmacovigilance.

End of Trial

  • Site closeout
  • End of trial
  • Notification
  • IMP reconciliation
  • TMF audit
  • Archiving
  • Publication.

Key contacts


Kathleen Walker


Safe haven/TRE
Clinical trials pharmacy

Jacqui Sugden
R&D Manager - Imaging

Clinical Trials Unit
Health Informatics Centre (HIC)