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Our Staff

Dr Donald MacIntyre
Network Director and Research Champion

Catherine Deith
Network Manager 
0131 537 6273

Lisa Martin
Network Administrator 
0131 537 6542

West Node

Prof Andrew Gumley
Professor of Psychological Therapy

Dr Michael Smith
Associate Medical Director NHS GG&C

Dr Mallika Punukollu
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Consultant

Claire Matrunola
Research Assistant 

Suzy Syrett
Peer Researcher

Chris White
Service User Researcher

South East Node

Dr Donald MacIntyre
NRS Clinician and Honorary Reader

Dr David Hayward
Consultant Psychiatrist (Adult)

Prof Liz Hughes
Professor of Substance Use Research

Dr Holly Morrow
Research Coordinator 

Fiona Murphy
Research Assistant

Jemma Pritchard
Research Assistant


East Node

Dr Ashleigh Duthie
Consultant Old Age Psychiatry and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer 

Tessa Coupar
Clinical Research Nurse

North Node

Dr Ania Zubala
Research Fellow