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Metabolic and Endocrine Studies

We focus on research that deals with the investigation, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of all metabolic and endocrine disorders. Our aim is to have a beneficial impact on quality of life by ensuring that people who have metabolic and endocrine disorders have the opportunity to know about and participate in relevant clinical research studies.

We support and promote research:

  • involving medicines for metabolic and endocrine disorders
  • of thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, gonads and associated diseases
  • involving nutrition, hypoglycaemia, obesity and dyslipidaemia
  • into genetics, inherited metabolic diseases and reproductive endocrinology
  • into bone disease such as osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease
  • developing imaging technology such as MRI and CT and PET scanning
  • into surgery for endocrine disorders and bariatric surgery for obesity