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NRS Ophthalmology Virtual Research Event 2021 - video recordings

Session 1: Welcome and NRS Ophthalmology

Professor Roshini Sanders, NRS Ophthalmology Clinical Lead; Sarah Kennedy, NRS Ophthalmology Manager


Session 2: Chief Scientist Office COVID-19 Challenges and Response

Dr Alan McNair, Senior Research Manager, Chief Scientist Office (CSO)


Session 3: Scottish Health Industry Partnership (SHIP)

Suzanne Graham, Scottish Government


Session 4: Positive Predictive Value of Optic Disc Haemorrhages for Open Angle Glaucoma

James Hazelwood ST1, Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion, Edinburgh


Session 5: Emergency Referrals Ophthalmology / Optometry

Seema Verma MD FRCOphth, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, St Thomas' Hospital, London


Session 6: Panel Discussion 1

Professor Roshini Sanders; Sarah Kennedy; Dr Alan McNair; Suzanne Graham; James Hazelwood; Seema Verma; Dr John Olson


Session 7: Research Strategies and Q&A Session

Professor Baljean Dhillon; Barny Foot; Dr John Olson; Jonathon Foulds


Session 8: Ophthalmic Trainee Research Projects and Q&A

Dr David Lockington; Dr John Olson; Sarah Donaldson; Nicolás Kahuam-López; Dr Alasdair Simpson; Dr Maina Shah; Dr Jonathan Nairn; Dr Mariam El-Abiary; Professor Roshini Sanders; Sarah Kennedy; Suzanne Graham


Session 9: Future Research, Q&A, and Closing Remarks

Dr Andrew Tatham; Professor Niall Strang; Manjit Singh Mehat PhD; Dr Andrew Blaikie; Professor Roshini Sanders